Data Management

HTS provides a wide gamut of data inputting services to diversified client base, helping them extract data from a multitude of sources like online applications, scanned images, applications, invoices, handwritten forms, questionnaires, etc., and manually enter the details in client's server, database or a file format. Businesses need a dependable database management and call center outsourcing service to manage and control the reams of data generated daily in electronic form the customers. In the absence of deep database analysis services and even more efficient database management and call center services, enterprises can end up with missing and/or misplaced data in their databases, resulting in colossal errors in strategic decision making due to erroneous database manipulation.

Data Entry , Data Conversion , Online Catalog Services , OCR services , Form Processing services , DataBase creation services , Data Analytics Services , Online / Offline Data entry Services

Call Centre Services

Outsource your call centre services to HTS. We provides full-service Inbound, Outbound, Electronic and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) call center services. We offer customized contact center solutions for your business that go far beyond the typical call center and answering service.HTS can help business to stay connected with their customers through inbound & outbound. We do Inbound call Support , Outbound call support , Technical Support, Customer Service support.

Order Processing

You finally garner some valuable customers and you need some assistance to process your orders? We got you. Our team of experts will make your entire order processing incredibly smooth and manage the entire process including returns and complaints

DATA Transfer

More than 8 Years experience, our experts will transcribe your files with 100% accuracy be it scanned documents or multimedia files. which can be stored or retried easily.

DATA Moderation

You provide us with your requirements and rules, we will monitor all your content for you. Whether it is your content or the user-generated content at your business site, we have got you covered. In today’s time, moderation is of utmost importance and we acknowledge that.

Benefits of BPO

Now that you know what BPO means and some of the different options available, let’s look at what it can do for your business. The benefits of business process outsourcing include:

  • Reduced costs – With outsourcing, you no longer need to pay in-house employees to handle your business processing tasks. In addition, the outsourcing company is responsible for any maintenance and upkeep expenses that go along with these business processes.
  • Increased security – Outsourcing companies that are specialized to handle financial processes can often provide better security from cyber theft. This is especially true if you’re a small business.
  • More efficiency – Because outsourcing companies specialize in streamlining core business processes, they can handle them much more efficiently than most in-house departments.
  • Improve vendor relations – With outsourcing to speed-up business processes, your vendors receive faster turn-around.
  • Better coverage – Outsourcing firms cross-train multiple employees for the same tasks. That means you never have to worry about falling behind if someone calls in sick.